Top 4 Bitcoins Places To Keep In Mind For 2020

Hello there? Are you planning to buy Bitcoin? Is so, this article is a stop-shop for you to find the best, reliable, and legalized Bitcoin services. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency is widely used around the globe. Its value has hiked and expects to increase even more. Even if you have made up your mind, you are confused about where and which websites you can rely on for the best results. You have chosen the right destination. It all starts here.  Let’s go through the below-given article to get a glimpse of where you can find one.



Bitpanda comes with a wide variety of payment procedures. It is a European based website. Buying and selling of Bitcoin here is equal to a Coinbase of 1.49 percent. It covers the fees structure while making the purchase. If you are sure to buy this, you must keep in mind that you can only make a transaction you wish to do with your verified email and ID. You also have to realize that one can buy the Bitcoin using a credit card and other payment methods.

Local Bitcoins

This kind of Bitcoins differs from other sets of Bitcoins. Why so? Because the organization encourages a peer-to-peer exchange. The method used by the company is entirely different. The organization supports the buyers and seller via ads. When the buyer clicks the ad, it opens up the escrow protection paving the way to the payments. The organization swaps the ad rate to Bitcoins. It is then later offered to the buyers. Moreover, it is free of cost to make any transaction.


Just like Local Bitcoins, Robinhood is also free of cost. They don’t charge for any transaction made. One of the drawbacks is that unlike all the other websites and services, Robinhood can only be accessed from 16 states so far. We can expect the organization to extend its arms around the UK this year as stated on their website. Robinhood is for people who are comfortable using their mobile phones.



Known as a pioneer in cryptocurrency exchange space, Binance mainly focuses on users from the UK. The customers from the UK should buy Bitcoins from Binance’s subordinate, named Binance Jersey. It promotes 0.1 percent as trading fee with zero percent as fee deposits. Since Binance is a master in the Bitcoin blockchain platform,  it holds a wide range of traders and their digital currencies.

Points to Remember

Bitcoin is known for its extensive usage as digital currency and investment. It is essential to know and understand the aspects of Bitcoin before purchasing. Not researching may result in loss of your personal and valuable information to cybercriminals and hackers as they can quickly obtain your digital wallet data though a simple click! You must be alert all the while and study about Bitcoins and theft before buying or transferring coins.


Bitcoins Benefits

How Leveraging Bitcoins Benefits Travel and Hospitality Industry?

Imagine a world where you can travel anywhere using digital currency and be free of worries of losing your credit card. Cryptocurrency has transformed the facet of all kinds of businesses since its inception. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is known as a digital coin as they use the supercomputer for its production. Companies utilize it through the internet medium. Here we are going to discuss how leveraging cryptocurrency aid travel and hospitality sector, a not so widely discussed topic.

What is the Role of Blockchain?

Of course! Blockchain acts as a security guide to eliminate a third party interruption. When linking with cryptocurrency, Blockchain removes any third part interventions. When performing a transaction, Blockchain makes sure to carry out the payment processes to the end-users.


Crypto and Travel, Are You Serious?

Yes, the Hospitality industry is one of the most benefited platforms from using cryptocurrency. Why? It opens a space where it is end-to-end secured and enhances the transaction speed. We can see an increase in the number of travellers day-by-day. Most of them get caught in-between places where there is no access to ATM as well as Banks. So, from where will they afford money to travel further? Here is where digital currency pops up. You can easily make the transaction of digital currency with only a click on your smartphone. A solution and relief indeed!

Any Benefits?

Utilizing cryptocurrency, driven by Blockchain benefits travel and hospitality industry a lot. Just using a fingertip, the complete data of the customers can be verified, thereby reducing the tiring wait hours. Another significant aspect of utilizing cryptocurrency is, there is no fear of snatching your wallet containing paper notes.  Compared to these notes, users can trust the security measures of the cryptocurrency platform.  Because of its wide array of abilities and benefits, some of the banks have already started to swap the real money into virtual money, helping the travellers to reduce the anxiety of losing money or credit card while travelling.

Travel Agencies

How is Transportation affected?

At present, Most of the travel agencies rely upon Bitcoins. The transportation medium for travelling, such as airlines and taxis, has already started adopting Bitcoins as well. Some airlines have begun accepting Bitcoins to buy tickets.  Soon the rest of the airline agencies will take up Bitcoin as it makes the booking and buying tickets easy. Not only that, shortly we will see restaurants, taxis as well as trains that will run on the same.


Because of its easy payment procedures and high-end security, not only the travel and hospitality sector but also several other industries will soon benefit from leveraging Blockchain driven cryptocurrency platform. Just like any other technology that helps to increase revenue, cryptocurrency will also join them to modify the travel and hospitality sector. We can also expect organizations that have already begun using Bitcoin to be the next masters of the industry.


Blockchain Technology

Is Blockchain Technology the Future of Education?

You are able to read this article because of your education. It is the same that provided the ground work for me to write. Education is a broad umbrella. It contains the knowledge that changes us into rational and critical thinkers; therefore; obtaining the desirable education is a must. Classrooms have turned from conventional to smart classes. Educational institutions have started to integrate Blockchain technology into their current curriculum, which helps them to store all kinds of data securely. Let’s see how Blockchain technology transforms the education sector.

It’s All Secured

All the certificates and awards can be stored securely using Blockchain. It also means that students and management can access their data. It allows the institutions for an open view of the certificates and doesn’t have to inform the users about the validity. Not only that, but it also allows the users to manage their data personally on the Blockchain.

Mentors, Students and Blockchain

Conventional teaching is where the teacher has to be present to give notes, dictate the lessons or take a class test. But, Blockchain eliminates all these. How? When mentors use Blockchain, it permits them to expose their information as well as any source materials. In a landscape like this, the management can pay the teachers according to the study material.  Not only that, but the teachers can also upload their citations and links on Blockchain. It helps the management to award the teachers with coins on the range of how the teacher has taken up the responsibility.

Monetary Platform

Blockchain acts as a bank in educational institutions. Irrespective of place and time, Blockchain-powered cryptocurrency permits scholars to pay education fees. Several educational institutions have already started implementing this idea into their present education programme.


Personalized Platform

Blockchain acts as a medium for the students to store their educational materials both formal as well as informal that helps them to carry it throughout their lives as it is highly secured, and data is never lost. Blockchain opens a platform where the students can promulgate their works and learning materials to those who encourages and supports them, thereby obtain a certified verification. It will further help the student while searching for their desired jobs.


Well, technology is playing a crucial role in every aspect of human lives, making it easier to live. Blockchain also plays a relevant position in making the lives of students and mentors easier. It also benefits the entire educational management in securing monetary fund and data. As mentioned before, the education system is a broad umbrella, so providing education to each one of the students is difficult, but with Blockchain, it is now easy.  As a citizen, it is our right to pave the way for the students to achieve a greater future. Above all these mentioned points; it reduces the use of paper.

Digital Currency

A Tale of Digital Currency- Bitcoin

Long ago, but not so long, lived a mysterious man named Satoshi Nakamoto. He was known as a mystical man as his identity remains very absurd until now. His speciality was, he mined the legacy of the Bitcoin network and how blockchain drives it. It was on October 31st 2008, a white paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” got published, written by the same mystical man. The whitepaper mainly depicted the features and functions of the Bitcoin blockchain network. Bitcoin was born on January 3rd 2009 and Satoshi Nakamoto named his first mined block as the Genesis Block.

Crowning Bitcoin

Crowning Bitcoin

From its birth till May 2nd, 2010, Bitcoin was only possible to be mined and never traded as it was not possible to value the units of cryptocurrency. Things changed around in 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz, a pizza lover, lends his 10,000 coins for two pizzas. Guess we have to think twice before making a decision about selling Bitcoin as its value can fluctuate.

How Does It Work?

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency is known as internet money since it’s payment process is digitalized. You can buy or lend the Bitcoin as you wish to anyone. The most highlighted part is that it helps you to create a wallet through which you can make all kind of transactions. Each legal transaction is protected with an electronic signature.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoins proffers enormous advantages when compared to the drawbacks. The working of the Bitcoin protocol can entirely be trusted and is predictable, just like how GPay, Paytm, and other social, monetary platforms, irrespective of financial holidays, international issues, with no piracy and theft, one can make transactions via Bitcoin. Moreover, Bitcoin allows you to take full control of your money. It also doesn’t encourage any sorts of data or personal information collection. No one can forge your data as it is cryptographically secured.


Why Should I know About Its Obstacles?

Even though Bitcoin came into the picture in 2008, most people don’t know the concept of what it is and how it works. Primarily, while speaking of disadvantage, it is ignorance and negligence of people. People are ignorant to achieve information about Bitcoin as well as they are negligent about how online transaction work. We can also mark people not exposed to social media platforms under this category. All these will build a community where Bitcoins are not accepted. If not properly maintained, your wallet can crash, and data can be lost forever. Last but not least, Bitcoins value always fluctuates; it makes the users confuse and difficult to mine and transact.

End Story

If studied adequately, you can achieve great heights in this platform. It might not be prevalent now, but once its value increases, many people can benefit from it. People can make sure that they don’t have to change the currencies, as the value is internationally accepted. The leading platform, blockchain overall, is very secure. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency will revolutionize the world, just like any other technology.