Top 4 Bitcoins Places To Keep In Mind For 2020

Hello there? Are you planning to buy Bitcoin? Is so, this article is a stop-shop for you to find the best, reliable, and legalized Bitcoin services. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency is widely used around the globe. Its value has hiked and expects to increase even more. Even if you have made up your mind, you are confused about where and which websites you can rely on for the best results. You have chosen the right destination. It all starts here.  Let’s go through the below-given article to get a glimpse of where you can find one.



Bitpanda comes with a wide variety of payment procedures. It is a European based website. Buying and selling of Bitcoin here is equal to a Coinbase of 1.49 percent. It covers the fees structure while making the purchase. If you are sure to buy this, you must keep in mind that you can only make a transaction you wish to do with your verified email and ID. You also have to realize that one can buy the Bitcoin using a credit card and other payment methods.

Local Bitcoins

This kind of Bitcoins differs from other sets of Bitcoins. Why so? Because the organization encourages a peer-to-peer exchange. The method used by the company is entirely different. The organization supports the buyers and seller via ads. When the buyer clicks the ad, it opens up the escrow protection paving the way to the payments. The organization swaps the ad rate to Bitcoins. It is then later offered to the buyers. Moreover, it is free of cost to make any transaction.


Just like Local Bitcoins, Robinhood is also free of cost. They don’t charge for any transaction made. One of the drawbacks is that unlike all the other websites and services, Robinhood can only be accessed from 16 states so far. We can expect the organization to extend its arms around the UK this year as stated on their website. Robinhood is for people who are comfortable using their mobile phones.



Known as a pioneer in cryptocurrency exchange space, Binance mainly focuses on users from the UK. The customers from the UK should buy Bitcoins from Binance’s subordinate, named Binance Jersey. It promotes 0.1 percent as trading fee with zero percent as fee deposits. Since Binance is a master in the Bitcoin blockchain platform,  it holds a wide range of traders and their digital currencies.

Points to Remember

Bitcoin is known for its extensive usage as digital currency and investment. It is essential to know and understand the aspects of Bitcoin before purchasing. Not researching may result in loss of your personal and valuable information to cybercriminals and hackers as they can quickly obtain your digital wallet data though a simple click! You must be alert all the while and study about Bitcoins and theft before buying or transferring coins.